.32 cal

Hollow Point


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308 rifle


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Earrings too.

High Caliber Angler Advantage bullet necklaces for men and women

38 special

Smith & Wesson

.32 cal earrings

.40 cal

Hollow Point

Necklaces available in all calibers. Smaller calibers are nose mounted. 38 and 308 are available in nose or center fire mount. High quality black stretch necklace with clasp.Bracelet charms available in .32 or .38 cal. Earrings .32 cal. single or pair.
*All pendants are powderless and safe. It is not recommended that you wear B. Bling when going through airport security or any federal buildings.

.38 cal charm

9 mm

Hollow Point

.38 cal

Hollow Point


Order "your caliber" bullet necklaces for men and women today!


45 cal

Hollow Point

plus shipping

.32 cal charm

Pick your caliber. Pick your style. Available in 7 different center fire calibers.